New Orleans Jazz - Media and Views - Sammy Penn

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This is Tom's recollection of the final weeks of his life. "Sammy delivered from a doctor's appointment with the news he had high body stress and heart murmurs. Sammy performed at Preservation Corridor that night and following yet another treatment with the Kid Thomas Group filled their equipment on to a coach beyond your Hall on St. Peters Road and collection off with Sammy for a visit through Georgia to Florida. Following only 1 concert, the coach delivered to the Corridor with just the driver, the street manager and the body of Sammy Penn.

Conversing with Barry Martyn, he rates Sammy Penn extremely in great drummers from New Orleans. Sammy performed 4/4 on the bass drum and maybe not the more familiar cut time of New Orleans drummers. George Lewis preferred that 4/4 sound and Joe Watkins performed this way, but with no intense features and complicated rhythms of Sammy Penn. Barry had the good fortune to remain in with the Baby Thomas Group and discovered that he couldn't hear himself and had to adjust his size and design to suit the band.

Therefore Sammy Penn was the drummer for Baby Thomas and his Butler News Stompers and spent the major section of his playing living with that band. As Barry Martyn said "When Joe John and Sammy died the band would never be quite the exact same again"

To know him at his most readily useful, you ought to tune in to "Child Thomas Valentine Creole Jazz Band on American Music AMCD 49 and "Child Thomas and his Algiers Stompers" on Riverside OJCCD 1833-2. My great pleasure is obviously viewing the person in action on a DVD of the December Band made by Major Statement Bissonnette (possibly still accessible by calling him on his Jazz Crusade site

Sammy Penn was a one-off and we are fortunate to possess documents to hear to. In Australia, the late great Philip Clohesy was affected by him and in Europe equally Keith Minter, Emile Martyn and Chris Marchant display signals of having listened to the "original ".

My next opus is likely to be an appointment with Les Muscutt -a fantastic banjo player from the U.K. who produced a huge impression on the New Orleans punk scene. Due to ill health, he retired lately and I am certain that you will discover his story interesting! P.S. A last minute contact from Barry Martyn to say that his latest video on American Music AMVD4 will feature Child Thomas with Sammy Penn, plus the Child Howard group and a great many other good things!

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